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37Games Throws a Halloween Party

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Any plans for this coming Halloween? Getting too old to knock on the next door neighbor’s door? Tired of going to a party, getting wasted, and not remembering your Halloween? How about joining the 37Games Halloween Party, it will be much more memorable and a fun way to celebrate the festival! From Oct. 23th to Nov. 7th, 37Games will throw a Halloween Party. As you can expect, there will be many games and tons of rewards to give out.

Event 1. Mr. Pumpkin Eats Candy
Halloween always comes with loads of delicious candy! Mr. Pumpkin can’t wait to eat them all. But be careful though, because some candy is rotten! You will control Mr. Pumpkin to eat all the candy while avoiding the rotten ones. The more candy Mr. Pumpkin eats, the more you will score. Scoring points can be used to claim rewards in Event 3.

Event 2. Treat or Trick? Be Careful!
In this event, you will click 1 of 3 Magic Cauldrons each day after first selecting a game. Treat or Trick? You will never know what’s in the next box. Maybe some points for claiming a Halloween Pack, maybe a Skeleton, or maybe even a Ghoulish Monster!

Event 3. Exchange Halloween Packs
Points collected from Event 1 and Event 2 can be used to exchange for different gift packs. No matter which game of 37Games you play, there is gift for you as long as you get enough points! There are Medium and Adv. packs, depending on how many points you score.

Do you dare to join the party? Players from around the world are waiting for you! Join 37Games Halloween Party today:

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