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Ring of Elysium Launches New Security Features and Optimization

Ring of Elysium anti-cheat news

Aurora Studios are proud to announce that they have launched a new series of anti-cheat measures for Ring of Elysium. These are designed to protect fair play in-game and include technical upgrades, and cheater behavior analysis. Since launching these back on January 27th, Aurora Studios report that 5,306 players have been banned due to cheating. In addition, daily in-game reports have reduced by 41%, and those who have found to be cheating and reported by more than three players are down 64%. Alongside this, Aurora Studios will be optimizing TenProtect’s anti-cheat system and removing the game’s request for administrator permission.

“We wanted to address the concerns that we’ve received from players regarding the administrator’s permission pop-up window upon launching the game.” said Aurora Studios “We plan to remove this requirement and focus our efforts on continuing to optimize the anti-cheat system to provide a better gameplay environment for players.”

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