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First 3 Chapters of Total War: The Sword of Attila Available For Free

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The Sword of Attila Cover

The latest Total War™ novel, written by New York Times best-selling author David Gibbins, will be available from January 29 on eBook, hardback and paperback in the UK, France, Germany and US (check your favorite local retailer for specific formats and release dates). But you can read the first thrilling chapters right now.

Against the backdrop of a crumbling Western Roman Empire, The Sword of Attila charts the birth and meteoric rise to power of the Hunnic warlord. Seen through the eyes of Flavius, a Roman Tribune thrust into a world of turmoil and strife, this deeply researched tale blends intrigue, high adventure and tactical analysis with scenes depicting the glory and horror of large-scale battle.
The first three chapters are available to read for free on the Total War Wiki and you’ll be able to recreate Attila’s story for yourself in the forthcoming Total War™: ATTILA on February 17.

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