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SMITE Trial of King Hercules - Valkyrie Freya Skin Giveaway

SMITE Trial of King Hercules – Valkyrie Freya Skin Giveaway

MMOHuts has partnered with SMITE to celebrate the arrival of the most loved Adventure Mode yet released, The Trials of King Hercules! In honor of this occasion, we’ve giving out Valkyrie Freya skins for free! Plus be sure to tune into subscribe/follow our streamers on MMOHuts, OnRPG, and The Bottom Tier for chances to win the chest exclusive Spectral Sword Ares in the coming days!

The Trials of King Hercules represent the result of months of experimentation with various PvE modes utilizing the existing assets within SMITE. Now teams of three can embark against the infamous challenges of Hercules to gain phat loot! Loot is persistent through multiple runs of the event, with random drops combining with purchaseable loot in town to allow players to slowly build up their power over time. The stronger you become, and the greater your build, the better your odds of making it to the ultimate end of the trials! Get your LFG slogans ready, summon your friends, and don’t forget to bring a healer pls!

But why not look good in the trials by snagging a free Valkyrie Freya skin below?!


To Claim Your Key

  • Sign-up for a Hirez account and download SMITE from
  • Launch and patch SMITE.
  • Once in game click STORE then click REDEEM.
  • Enter your code in the field to activate the unlock.

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