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Blade & Soul Launch Raffle Event – Character Creation Contest

MMOHuts Portal Manager DizzyPW managed to snag the last 2 NCCoin cards we could find in town to challenge our community to a contest of creativity and crafting… a Blade & Soul character creation launch event!

With one million concurrent active users on Blade & Soul in its first post-launch weekend. It’s no surprise that the queue times for this game are enormous! And not everyone has cash lying around (especially those jumping into a free to play MMORPG!) to buy into the premium membership to get into the queue. Luckily, the character creation system in the game does not suffer from the queue. And that’s where you chance to win your way past the queue comes in!

The rules are simple. Find a picture of your favorite celebrity or fictional character. Log into Blade & Soul. Make that character a reality in-game to the best of your ability. Take a screenshot and post it on our forum, along with the picture of your target person/caricature on the forum! You’re allowed to post one male and one female entry. On Wednesday night, January 25th, our staff will scroll through the entries and pick the best male and female entry to award a $25 NCCoin gift card! The code will be emailed to you at the email you used to register on our website Thursday morning.

    To Use Your Key In-Game:
  • Visit the official forum entry thread and sign-up for an account.
  • Download Blade & Soul and log-in.
  • Find a picture of your celebrity or cartoon character. Design your in-game model and take a screenshot.
  • Post both images as your entry on the thread.
  • One male and one female entry will be chosen Wednesday night. Winners will be emailed their NCCoin code Thursday morning! Don’t forget to make a male and female entry to double your chances to win!
Giveaway is no longer active.
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