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War of the Vikings: Defender Class update

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Paradox Interactive today revealed and added a new character class to War of the Vikings, the Viking Age close-quarter combat game from Fatshark. The Berserker, a dual-wielding class focused entirely on offensive capabilities and intimidating appearances, joins War of the Vikings today as part of a free update to the game. This update also includes three new in-game maps to allow the Berserker a variety of terrain to charge across, as well as a new game mode, “Domination,” to provide veteran Vikings with a novel challenge.

The Berserker sacrifices armor, ranged weaponry, and weapon pick-ups in exchange for pure adrenaline-powered attacks, possessing the ability to dual-wield weapons. Players taking the role of Berserker will no longer charge up their swings, instead focusing on special attacks and a new combo system to keep their blades flying. Combos can be created with queued attacks, dodges, and different move sets depending on whether a warrior wields two swords, two axes, or one of each. In addition, the Berserker will be visually distinct on the battlefield, clad in bear pelts, fierce tattoos, and the blood of their enemies.

What’s more, a Berserker will not die easily: when struck by a fatal blow, the character is granted 10 seconds of ‘blood rage,’ which will allow them to continue the fight if they can claim a kill before that adrenaline runs out!

Berserkers will make their debut alongside three new maps and a new fast-paced game mode called Domination. In Domination, the Vikings and Saxons must compete for control of only a few flags – and holding the majority will cause the enemy to start losing respawn tickets, as will slaughtering their warriors. The last team with tickets remaining is the victor!

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