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Fallen Sword is a fantasy browser MMORPG that tries to incorporate the features of traditional client based games into a browser. The game features a grid style game world where players can explore and interact with both NPCs and players on the spot. With a solid crafting system, high level cap and a large game world to explore, Fallen Sword is certainly one of the more interesting browser based MMORPGs.

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Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Medium Quality
EXP Rate: High
PvP: Open PvP
Filesize: None

Pros: +Good crafting system. +Super high level cap. +Great battle portraits. +Many quests. +Cash items don’t imbalance the game. +Good interface.

Cons: -Dull map. -Repetitive gameplay. -Boring battle system.

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Fallen Sword Overview

Fallen sword is an interactive browser game that incorporates more than one feature of a quality MMORPG – an aesthetically pleasing game content system, a handful of decent quality graphics, an innovative combat system and overall, a shallow learning curve that enables new players to jump in and quickly learn how to play the game. Developed by Hunted Cow Studios, Fallen Sword boasts one of the larger and better developed browser based communities on the Internet.

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Full Review

Fallen Sword Full Review

By, Sam Truong

Fallen Sword is a Fantasy browser MMORPG that plays a lot like a traditional client based MMORPG, but with some limitations of course, as the game runs entirely on a browser. Think of it as a mix between Adventure Quest Worlds and Kingdom of Loathing, as it has the Adventure Quest Worlds like exploration with the limited daily ‘adventures’ of Kingdom of Loathing.

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Where do I start?


All newcomers must start off by registering through the main website before they can access the actual ‘world’ itself. Unlike most other MMORPG’s, it is not required that the player select a server to connect to, as they will automatically be redirected to their account panel and first impressions are always important when deciding on a suitable browser game, and an artistic collage surrounding the registration panel helps ensure that players will not be disappointed with the in-game artwork. I was quite impressed with the effort in which the game creators put into the collage, and this left me with a positive feeling about the game even before I had even signed up.

15335  500x375 fallen sword map

So where’s that damn sword?


Upon completing registration, players will automatically be redirected to their very own control panel and a nice quick start guide that makes learning the ropes a whole lot easier. The quick start features information about exactly where to click to begin the adventure, what particular icons and graphics mean in the game and provides a general outline of attacking and gaining experience points. After skimming through the guide I quickly learned that Fallen Sword was an Adventure Quest / Kingdom of Loathing like MMORPG as the game focuses on an individual character rather than a nation or an empire. A status bar up the top of the browser includes a mouse-over feature that allows players to quickly manage their stats, stamina and find out more information about the current experience level. This saves time in clicking back and forth in order to view the character status page.

The gameplay system itself in Fallen Sword is a frame-by-frame adventure, meaning that players will have to click one of the 9 directional buttons in the map to explore places and meet new people. Navigation is extremely simple. The player is represented by a yellow indicator in the centre of the navigation box, and upon clicking on a navigation arrow the page will re-load (usually within seconds) and display the possible options of interaction on a column nearby. Personally, moving around in the game was a bit disappointing as the graphics were less than stellar.

Different NPC’s, human players and points of interest will all be displayed according to the characters position relative to the map. Individuals can interact with one another by opening up another profile page with options to send a message, add as friend / enemy, trade, or even attack another player readily available.

15330  500x375 fallen sword hell forge

Time to gear up

Players in Fallen Sword can initiate a battle at any time with another individual or a valid NPC. One interesting aspect of Fallen Sword is that once attacking another player, that player may opt to place a bounty on the head of his assailant as a means of revenge provided he lost the fight. The bounty system encourages other players to hunt recent killers for the reward should they bump into them in the game world.

The battle system in Fallen Sword is simple yet entertaining. This was by far the feature that I enjoyed most while experimenting with the in-game functions. Like all MMORPGs, gaining experience points and rewards keeps the player hooked. All players have with five attributes – Attack, Defence, HP, Damage and Armor. Stamina, although not included as an option to increase through levelling up, is another stat important to the game as it determines whether a player can even take an action. Players need Stamina to move around and attack enemies and when it runs out players can’t take any more action until it regenerates, which it does every hour. The battle mechanics feature a turn based portrait-styled battle system that shows damage points being dealt to an individual character. Though it’s not as detailed as the combat system in Runescape, the system works well.

The rewards gained by obtaining victory in Fallen Sword vary with the situation. Defeating an NPC usually yields experience points, gold and loot. Some of the stronger monsters may be harder to defeat, but hold high quality items labelled as the ‘Super-Elite’ drops. Recent players who have managed these so called ‘Super-Elite’ kills are displayed in a special log on the browser game sidebar which is accessible to everyone playing.

15346  500x375 fallen sword temple of the gods

The PvP system

Attacking other players provides a good indication on just how strong a player’s character is. By initiating an attack on another player, individuals will enter a unique PvP ranking system that determines the efficiency in combat of any combatant through a PvP point ranking system. The most interesting aspect of the PvP system was that winning battles only improves a character’s ranking in the system system and doesn’t really provide any other rewards aside from a small monetary gain. Nevertheless, the highly competitive ranking table ensures that players continue to fight for the top spot. There are always advantages to being well known, or even feared in a game community.

15333  500x375 fallen sword log book

Items, quests, and levelling up


As players gain experience points and level up, they will become stronger and be able to wield better items. Experience points and gold are gained automatically every hour, but by completing quests and attacking wild monsters, it becomes much easier to accumulate better items. Since the rate of experience gathered for Fallen Sword is quite fast, getting a high character level is relatively easy. Once a player obtains enough experience to level up, they gain two attribute points to one of the five original stats to strengthen their character.

Players may also receive medals for particular achievements, such as being loyal to the game (Playing for a while), completing a certain number of quests or bounty hunts. While these medals don’t directly reward do anything, it does create a formidable impression on a profile screen and therefore increases the chances of a successful trade, ally request or guild solicitation.

15340  500x375 fallen sword profile

Like most other MMORPG’s, quests in Fallen Sword are straightforward and easy to understand. An NPC will assign a task, and after accomplishing set tasks, the player will receive some sort of reward for their efforts. There are a variety of quests in the game, but some of them are difficult to find due to the slow, clunky navigation system. It is also very easy to become bored of the ‘scenery’ due to the almost non-existent graphical surroundings. The character / monster portraits are really the only good looking visuals in the game.

Like every other MMORPG, Fallen Sword has a cash shop where it sells a unique currency called ‘Fallen Sword Points’ which allow players to gain access to advantageous upgrades such as increased gold gain per hour, XP protection to avoid losing experience when killed or a boost on the maximum stamina points available. These points can be purchased with real money, or earned by referring friends to the game by having them join up under an individual link. Since PvP has zero impact on the game, players who purchase Fallen Sword Points don’t really imbalance the game.

Final Verdict: Good


For a browser game, Fallen Sword definitely holds potential. Although it is entertaining enough to keep a player occupied for hours, the repetitive nature of the navigation system and the lack of animated graphics may turn some players off after some time. Fallen Sword is still a fun browser MMORPG well worth checking out, but it’s no Runescape.



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Fallen Sword Links

Fallen Sword Official Site

Fallen Sword Wiki [Great Resource!]

Fallen sword is an interactive browser game that incorporates more than one feature of a quality MMORPG – an aesthetically pleasing game content system, a handful of decent quality graphics, an innovative combat system and overall, a shallow learning curve that enables new players to jump in and quickly learn how to play the game. Developed by Hunted Cow Studios, Fallen Sword boasts one of the larger and better developed browser based communities on the Internet.

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