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Zombies/Monsters/Robots – Assault Ops Gameplay

Zombies Monsters Robots is a seat-of-your-pants third-person shooter that pits players against everything but the kitchen sink of enemies, maps, and game modes.

Assault Ops mode takes the fight against the Dominion up a notch, with a multi-area campaign featuring hordes of enemy troops and level mini-bosses, and culminating in a pitched battle with a final boss. Up to five players can group together to work their way through the enemy’s defenses and accomplish a final objective.

Each area of the overall map is a separate battlefield, each with its own objectives and victory conditions—and you can’t just turtle up and wait for the wave to end. You have to open a door, flip a switch, or maybe take down a boss to get into the next area—and it’s all one, long mission. (You can’t quit mid-map and come back later to pick up where you left off.) As with other Assault modes, Assault Ops has plenty of ammo cases lying around to get you through—but additional weapons tend to be a bit sparse (usually only appearing during boss fights), so choose your loadout wisely.

Check out the ZMR- First Look to get a nice overview of the game or head over to the game profile HERE!

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