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Worlds Adrift Takes Flight on Steam Today

Bossa Studios is proud to announce that their latest creation, Worlds Adrift starts Early Access today. To celebrate this, Worlds Adrifts’ very own Sky Ship is taking to the air today from 12:00-18:00 at the Chelsea College of Arts, and people that happen to be near Pimlico London could get on board, as there are still a few seats left. The Community-Crafted MMO has officially come to life, and the players will shape the world with over a thousand assets to create their very own island, which they would have the chance to bring into the game. Instead of procedurally generated content, which is a current fad, they opted to let the players design the world instead. It’s also the first MMO crafted using Improbable’s SpatialOS, in addition to the first Community-Crafted MMO.

We couldn’t have envisioned the sheer level of contribution we would receive from our inspiring community – whether it was feedback via the forums, designs from the Island Creator tool, or simply how deeply they interacted with the world” commented Henrique Olifiers, CEO and co-founder of Bossa Studios. “At times, this completely shifted our production’s scope, and as a result, helped us truly hone Worlds Adrift’s vision.

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