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H1Z1: July Roadmap Available

H1Z1: July Roadmap Available news header

H1Z1‘s team has laid out their July development plans over Reddit and the game forums. This month’s goal is to focus on stability and core gameplay issues.

    July 14th
  • Leaderboards – In the Box of Destiny before a Battle Royale match, you will now see player stats displayed on the Leaderboards. Win and kills will be tracked on daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards. *
  • Grenade Update– We’ve added the ability to pull the pin and cook the grenade before throwing. Added animation support to help show where the grenade should land. *
  • AK-47 Crafting Recipe– There will be a new recipe added so you can turn your AK-47 into a semi-auto rifle.
    July 21st
  • Professions -When creating a new character you will be able to select what their profession was before the apocalypse. This will give your character different stat bonuses and other unique things. Note that this will be a very early pass at the Professions system and will launch with just a few to choose from.
  • New Zombie Type – Screamer You will find this zombie sitting alone in places around the map. If you fail to kill it silently it will get up and run away from you screaming the whole time. It’s screams will draw in other zombies. It will also have increased health, making it harder to take down.
    July 28th
  • Marketplace Tab – You will now be able to access your account inventory from the main menu. This will allow you access to the marketplace and be able to open crates without logging into a server
  • Meat Grenade – This grenade will create a large area of heat, drawing zombies to it. It will explode after a long fuse to make sure that the zombies have enough time to get to it.
  • Noisemaker Grenade – The noisemaker will create a loud sound that will pull all zombies within earshot to that area.

To join in the discussion of these updates, visit the official roadmap.

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