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World of Warships Update 0.8.9 Adds Italian Cruisers

Update 0.8.9 for World of Warships is a huge one, and it brings Italian Cruisers to the game, in Early Access. The ships are maneuverable, and the Tier VI ships and above have mighty 203 mm guns to utilize. The first researchable branch of the Italian Navy is available in early access and are the Raimondo Montecuccoli (Tier V), Trento (Tier VI), Zara (Tier VII) and Amalfi (Tier VIII). These cruisers will offer new gameplay mechanics to take advantage of:

  • Semi-armor-piercing (SAP) shells combine certain characteristics of both AP and HE shells to steadily inflict large amounts of regular damage to enemy ships but are unable to start a fire.
  • The Exhaust Smoke Generator is a unique consumable that can conceal a player’s ship without it having to reduce speed.

There is also a new in-game event to help players earn special rewards, such as new containers, and a temporary resource: Italian Tokens. These can be exchanged in the Armory, for camouflages, signals, Premium Account time, credits, Random Bundles, and even event containers. Those have a chance to unlock early access to the Italian Cruisers. There is also the new Taranto Port to admire the new ships in.

Since it is Halloween time, there’s also a spooky event to take part in. “Raid for the Filth” game mode has players researching and commanding magic-infused ships. There are three branches to use: destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. They will face other human opponents and the hordes of AI-controlled dark forces. The main objective is to gather Filth, a special resource, both from set locations or from defeated enemies before escaping through a centrally situated portal. Filth can then be exchanged in the Armory for valuable rewards such as credits or random bundles for new permanent camouflages, signals, XP and much more.

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