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Tanadu begins open beta

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Tanadu, a new MMO from Can’t Stop Games that compares itself to Heroes of Might and Magic and World of Warcraft, is entering its open beta on April 8th.

The game is a good-looking 2D MMO that has players managing a kingdom from one of three nations, leading their heroes into a search for treasure and glory. Browser-based and also available on Facebook, Tanadu looks to be mildly similar to games like Evony or Lords Online, but with better graphics and its own unique gameplay, rather than a turn-key script.

The Original Press Release:

Tanadu welcomes Adventurers!

Rule the Magic in Tanadu Browser MMO Game – A Fantasy World of Ultimate Adventure.

Wroclaw, Poland, 7.04.2010 – Can’t Stop Games announced the start of Tanadu open beta on 8.04.2010. Set in a uniquely flavored fantasy world, Tanadu is a one-of-a-kind MMO experience, with compelling gameplay and stunning graphics. Midway between PC hits like “Heroes of Might and Magic”, and modern multiplayer games like “World of Warcraft”, Tanadu presents old school fun mixed with great visuals and easy-to-grasp rules and controls.

“Tanadu offers gamers experience unlike any other”, said Tomasz Wecki, PR Manager at Can’t Stop Games. “We’ve designed a rich world, with deep story behind it, mixed in engaging adventure and strategy – and then wrapped it up in impressive, vivid 2D graphics. This is an easy to comprehend and very rewarding game, which will be played for years to come.”

Tanadu will be available for free at its home site and on the Facebook platform.

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