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World of Warships Teases Spooky Submarines for October

As the month of October closes in, Wargaming announced a huge update coming to their World of Warships title. With this update, available during the Halloween Event, will be submarines! Submarines will add a whole new dimension to the game in a very literal sense. Once the event is over, these sinister submarines will be looked at, and will be seeing how to best incorporate the submarines into the game permanently. Right now, players can expect submarines in 2019 across multiple nationalities. Aircraft carriers will also be receiving a new level of depth in regards to their gameplay. Aircraft Carriers will be more action-oriented and rewarding for players that prefer to play the massive ships. They will have direct aircraft squadron control, and three types of squadrons will come with this – torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and attack planes. This will really shake up how they play and give those players something to look forward to.

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