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World of Warships Has Something Spooky Stalking the Seas

Update 0.7.10 for World of Warships is available today and is known as “The Halloween Update”. The Port looks a bit different in this update, and something sinister lurks beneath the waves. Operation “Saving Transylvania” is available from today, with operation “Sunray in the Darkness” to follow next week. The former sees players accompanying and escorting the ship Transylvania to safety from the Forces of Darkness and taking down the most sinister seafaring ship, the Rasputin.

“Sunray in the Darkness” has Commanders teaming up to destroy a portal that is letting evil leak into this world. Two weeks later, the “Terror of the Deep” mission unlocks and comes with the most-requested feature in World of Warships: Submarines. The Halloween update also adds a new line of nine British and Royal Navy destroyers that are ready to join your fleet, and if that’s not enough, the game has added a new commander — real-world Hockey great, Alexander Ovechkin! Today we also have the Developer Diary for Terror of the Deep that gives the details on that upcoming mission, and what players need to know going in.

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