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World of Tanks Celebrates With St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness Fan Events

March is going to be a big month for World of Tanks on Console with St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness Events coming up. Hot off the heels of their fourth anniversary, World of Tanks still sees ~226,000 battles on a daily basis and over 3 million tanks destroyed daily.  To kick things off, players on St. Patrick’s Day can take part in a special “The Luck of the Irish Op”. The op will run through the weekend (March 16-18 2018) and unlocks the opportunity for commanders to earn free War Chests packed with a random assortment of treasures and valuables for every ten battle victories the player achieves.

World of Tanks’ latest Premium Hero also comes from the Emerald Isle. Available until April 2, the Banshee Comet is an Irish soldier that puts an interesting and unique spin on a true fan favorite. Taking its name from a mythological creature found in Irish folklore, the Banshee Comet combines incredible mobility, devastating impact power and pinpoint precision. Early adopters can benefit from an exclusive Op included with all Banshee Comet bundles, which gives a 25% boost to Crew XP earnings to every tank while active.

Who doesn’t love March Madness though? College basketball is incredibly exciting, and World of Tanks is getting in on it with the “Tank Madness” tournament. Eight nations will battle it out in the tournament, featuring single eliminations and team-based competitions each and every weekend throughout March. Czechoslovakia takes on China in a David vs. Goliath showdown from March 16 – 18, with Sweden duking it out with the United States of America in the final bracket from March 23 – 25.  Players can join in every weekend for a chance to earn Silver currency, Premium time, and access to additional special Ops. And for commanders who can’t get enough of Tank Madness, the Final IV tournament awaits at the end of the month and lasts from March 30 – April 1. This special competition pits the victors from each bracket in March against each other. Commanders who back the winning team can look forward to flying the flag for that nation, with a Hero Flag tank available as the ultimate prize. More information can be found here.

Last but not least, mighty Chinese tanks will be joining the World of Tanks store this month. the WZ-120-1G FT and WZ-111 — take the battlefield by storm starting March 20. The WZ-120-1G FT boasts high speed and heavy armor, for players looking for high agility and defensiveness in battle. The WZ-111 follows as a fast and furious heavyweight, rocking an almighty weapon that’s primed for maximum damage in the thick of battle. These tanks are available together in a Mega bundle, or separately in Ultimate, Loaded and Base bundles, and will wage war until April 9.

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