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Tribal Wars launches new event: Rescue Royalty

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InnoGames’ classic strategy game Tribal Wars just launched a new event. This year, the player’s task is to rescue various members of the royal family from the clutches of numerous nasty creatures. If they succeed, they unlock powerful rewards and several production boosts. Product manager Robert and community manager Thomas introduce the event in a new video.

With the start of the Event, several caves spawn on the world map. In those, members of royalty are hold captive by different types of monsters. In total, up to ten monster types will appear throughout the event. In order to successfully rescue the noble prisoners, the caves have to be scouted – afterwards the player knows which creature has to be defeated in battle. This is crucial to success, since every monster is especially vulnerable to a certain type of unit and their attacks. If the player sends the wrong unit, it will be defeated, and the royal prisoner remains captured. Freed royalty offers various bonuses, improved defenses or faster recruitment of units, for example.

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