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Aura Kingdom Releases Patch 52

Aura Kingdom Patch 52

The latest update to Anime MMO Aura Kingdom releases today, Patch 52. With it comes new dragon companions, dungeons and so much more. The legendary Elite Sky Tower will offer new special drops for only the most daring of adventurers. Once a week, groups of up to 40 players can prove their might in these challenging raids. If that’s not dangerous enough, Dawn Passage and Silent Ancient Castle are now explorable in Solo Extreme and Solo Hell modes. In addition, the Eidolons Muse and Zashi may also spawn. If they do, players will be rewarded with incredible loot. But perhaps biggest of all, for those of you who have always wanted a pet dragon, Aura Kingdom is here to help. Players can take part in the Gaia Chronicle Event and receive their own pet dragon. There’s also the Card Duel Event  with powerful Eidolon cards awaiting.

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