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Warframe’s Community-Focused Update Operation: Buried Debts is Live on PC

The latest update for Warframe has arrived on PC, called Operation: Buried Debts. Tenno new and old alike will have to band together for the Community Event for 2019, to unlock hidden secrets and dark lore. With this also comes the 39th Warframe, Hildryn. Clad in heavy armor and shield-based powers, they add depth and a new approach to the game with this playable new Warframe.  Hildryn draws power from her own shields to fuel her abilities, and Energy works to recharge them. Her abilities and unlock rewards are shown below.


  • Balefire: Charge and launch devastating bolts of fire.
  • Shield Pillage: Pillage a percentage of Shields and Armor of nearby enemies to replenish her own Shields and Overshields.
  • Haven: Create a Shield aura around allies. Enemies that approach Shielded allies will take damage.
  • Aegis Storm: Take the skies and rain Balefire rockets down on the enemy. Nearby enemies are blasted into the air where they will create an Energy Orb every few seconds. When Shields runs out the enemies are smashed into the ground.
  • Unlock Rewards: Earn unique items throughout the Operation such as an Emblem, Sigil, Amalgam Mods, and the Opticor Vandal, but you’ll need to take down a tremendous foe to unlock your final reward. You’ll find your first clue waiting for you in the Vallis.
  • Enhance Yourself: Earn Hildryn’s specialized new Surator Syandana and Asuron alt helmet, the Corpus Quaro Syandana, and wield her signature heavy weapon, the Larkspur, a unique and menacing Arch-gun with a wild initial attack that locks onto a target then chains other targets close to the first.

Phase 1 of Melee Changes also come in this update. Melee combat will be more fluid as they slash their way through the Origin System. Instant weapon-melee switching arrives, and when interrupting a melee combo with gunfire, dodging, bullet jumping, or any other parkour, the players’ next melee attack will resume the combo where it left off (within a time frame of course). More details can be found below.


  • Mod Your K-Drive: Earn increased Standing faster by competing in K-Drive races around the Orb Vallis! Then unlock new modular parts to customize the K-Drive
  • Ephemera!: There is a whole new way to customize Warframes. Earn new Ephemera effects in a variety of ways: Arbitrations, the Stalker, and Elite Sanctuary Onslaughts
  • Limbo Deluxe Has Arrived: Become one with the Sentients as the illusive, deceptive Limbo! Available now in the Marketplace, the Limina Limbo Deluxe Skin, Tarock Thrown Blade Skin, Interga Sugatra, and the Sidereal Syandana are purchasable as individual items or as part of the Limbo Deluxe Bundle
  • Tatsu Sword: Fearsome and noble, the elegant two-handed Nikana is the pride of any arsenal
  • Curly Hairstyles: Give Operators a fresh look with one of three new curly hairstyles
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