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Weekly Recap #351 March 8th – Black Desert Online, Gwent, TERA and More!

Mankind Reborn Reveals Developer Update #14:  (0:29)

Mankind Reborn’s latest development update was announced this past week! In the wake of the announcement, the game has received numerous A.I. tweaks and general updates. The developers have announced that they plan to have a testing session during GDC this year, from March 18th to the 22nd. If things go very well, between now and then, we could even see a test as soon as a week earlier. Look forward to that.

Black Desert Now Available on Xbox One:  (0:56)

In other news Pearl Abyss has finally released Black Desert Online for Xbox One! It’s available for purchase from the Xbox store for immediate access in three extra editions. The base game is only $9.99, but the Standard edition is $29.99, Deluxe edition is $49.99, and the Ultimate edition is a whopping $99.99 of course. Each of these editions beyond the base game offer plenty of extra items for your money. Black Desert Online hopes to redefine the MMORPG genre on console, and now players who have to resort to consoles for their gaming enjoyment (sorry to hear that), will finally have a chance to try it for them-selves.

World of Tanks: Mercenaries to Receive Lunar Combat, Italian Tanks and More:  (1:36)

Next up, also on consoles, World of Tanks has begun its prolonged content dump for the month of March! Earlier this week Wargaming added Italian tanks to the game, starting with the Ariete Progetto. The full tree is set to arrive later in the month. Towards the end of the month, you’ll forsake the embrace of mother Earth and do battle on the moon! From March 29th until April 1st, you’ll have access to the brand new Lunar Combat mode which allows you to fight other players on both the Moon and Mars using the M24 Lunar tank. This special vehicle was built for low-gravity combat, so expect it to work a little differently than tanks you’re used to! Also running till the first of April is the final phase of the Winter Games! Players can fight to earn 30 tiers of rewards including XP Boosts, Gold and Silver, Free XP, and more!

World of Warships: Legends Sets Course for Early Access in April:  (2:27)

In another bit of Wargaming news, World of Warships is also heading to consoles! Dubbed World of Warships Legends, the game will be undergoing its final closed beta from March 22nd to the 24th. At launch, as always, there will be a set of Founder’s Packs available for purchase with various exclusive re-wards. The latest version of the game has new content and features like the British navy, 14 more ships, revamped lighting, and plenty more. “We’ve worked tirelessly to bring the naval combat enjoyed by mil-lions to PS4 and Xbox One,” says Danlil Volkov, Head of Development at Wargaming St. Petersberg.

GWENT Announces “Crimson Curse” Expansion:  (3:04)

More ITCG news carrying over from last week… Dettlaff van der Eretein from the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is back in action and he brought friends to Gwent! The Crimson Curse expansion for the Witcher card game includes 100 new cards across all of the game’s factions, including familiar faces from the Blood and Wine expansion for the Witcher 3. New Poison and Bleeding status effects will help players turn the tides of battle with Deathblow and Berserk mechanics. New Shielding and Vitality mechanics also allow you to defend against incoming damage.

TERA x PUBG Collaboration Begins on PC/Console: (3:36)

Tera and PUBG have finally kicked off their limited-time collaboration! From now til April 5th, TERA is holding a series of events. In Northern Arun, crates will drop from the sky filled with rewards. Some will have battle points, others will have deadly popori. You’ll also earn BP for logging in every day and completing dungeons and world bosses. Once you’ve got enough points, you can use them in a “PUBG Shop” in Tera to unlock special PUBG themed cosmetics.

Marble Combat is a Physics-Based Multiplayer Title Now in Steam Early Access: (4:10)

But speaking of fun yet odd Phantom 8 has a new game concept making its debut in Steam Early Access in the form of Marble Combat. Phantom 8 insists that the game will be under an open-development style, with heavy community involvement. Now the game itself is a physics-based multiplayer game for 2-8 players where you’ll smash marbles together to capture points and acquire power-ups. The original design was just to be a ball rolling game like the classic Marble Madness, but it has evolved into some-thing entirely new. Look forward to a quick first look coming really soon at

Crossout Receives “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” Update: (4:47)

Update 0.10.30 of Crossout is called “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and with it comes the power to create custom battles. Players can make their own battles with individual rulesets and invite their friends to play and/or observe. “Custom Battle” is a great way to train for Clan Battles, which have also received a recent overhaul. Clan Battles give more of the valuable resource “Uranium Ore”, which is required for Relics (Crossout’s most powerful weapons). Clan Battles now also have six different leagues, Basic to Diamond. With the doubling of Uranium Ore from these, there are also six different relic weapons to craft. new ones such as the “Punisher” machine gun and cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” are included in this.

Star Trek Online’s “Mirror of Discovery” Arrives on Console: (5:33)

Perfect World Entertainment announced recently that the latest Star Trek Online update, “Mirror of Discovery” has launched on console. PS4 and Xbox One users can play this update for free and uncover the fate of the Terran Empire’s Captain Killy – voiced by Mary Wiseman – from the CBS television series Star Trek: Discovery. In true Star Trek Online fashion, Mirror of Discovery expands on a pivotal story that was briefly touched on in Star Trek: Discovery. Captain Killy was introduced during the show’s first sea-son when the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery crossed paths with the Terran Empire and first learned of the cruel Mirror version of Starfleet’s Sylvia Tilly. Captain Killy slaughtered her way into the Captain’s position and it was assumed that the Klingons destroyed her starship. However, the fate of Pahvo now lies in the hands of the Federation, who must stop her and her crew from annihilating the planet. Sounds kinda crazy.

MapleStory Update – Arcade Adventures Goes Live:  (6:22)

But what’s also crazy, The latest update to MapleStory is now live, and it’s called “Arcade Adventures”. The new 8-bit Retro World event is here, and that’s just the start. From March 6th until April 9th, characters level 61 or higher will be able to take part in a host of events in 8-bit pixelated worlds. There are monsters to hunt, coins to collect, and jumping/dodging to practice. There’s also the “Detective Rave’s Case Notes” themed dungeon, where level 175 characters or higher can tackle a deadly journey with master investigator Detective Rave.

SMITE’s Latest God Jormungandr Arrives in ‘The World Serpent’ Update: (6:58)

And finally for our last bit of news, The latest update for SMITE, “The World Serpent” arrived this week, and with it came a new guardian by the simple name of Jormungandr. Towering three times the size of other gods, the harbinger of destruction can constrict the entire globe and is more than a threat to the other gods on the battleground. We have a god review of Jormungandr coming as well over at, so stay tuned. With the arrival of Jormungandr comes the next part of the “Legend of Camelot” event. King Arthur and Merlin are doing what they can to best the World Serpent, and with this event comes new cosmetics such as Dragon Prince Ne Zha and Infinite Seer Ah Puch. Twitch Prime sub-scribers can take part in the tales of King Arthur with an all-new, free skin bundle. Players may link their Hi-Rez and Twitch Prime accounts to claim King Arthur and his exclusive Deathbringer skin, absolutely free. The bundle also includes an avatar, loading screen, and more. An additional free bundle will be-come available for Twitch Prime subscribers each month, for the next three months. Alright I’m calling it now, we’ll have to see a Smaug skin as well as a white walker dragon skin as a play on game of thrones, that would be awesome.

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