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Warframe – Fortuna Official Update Trailer

Starting today, a whole new experience is live in Warframe, with the Fortuna Open World Expansion. A new open-world landscape awaits, where players of all levels can experience this content for free. To get the word out, Digital Extremes has initiated a handful of player-based campaigns, starting with a unique ARG (Alternate Reality Game) based on the new faction, Solaris United. Players have worked together in a secret Discord channel to solve riddles and unravel the Solaris United’s backstory. By lifting together, players worked to earn in-game rewards including exclusive sigils for starters. All of the info can be seen here.

Additionally, Digital Extremes is running a Fortuna Twitch Drop launch campaign for one week starting on launch day (From Fortuna’s launch until 2 pm PSTThursday, November 15) to give away an abundance of cool rewards! Anyone watching a Warframe Fortuna stream for a minimum of one hour, every hour, will have the chance to get a random reward, including Warframes Nidus and Khora, a Rifle Riven, celebratory fireworks and more!

On Fortuna, players will make friends with the Solaris United Faction underground in the hub city of Fortuna and explore the massive new Landscape of The Orb Vallis on the planet surface. They can dive into the faction’s stories, learn about the plight of The Business, Eudico, Rude Zuud, the Ventkids, and others, to help them rebel against their oppressors. Once equipped with missions, Tenno will find travel is much faster and more fun on Venus! By using either the trusty Archwing or the K-Drive hoverboard they can blast across the wide open Venusian landscape to pull off grabs, spins, rails and to explore the giant environment.

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