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War Selection Begins Early Access on Steam

Glyph Worlds began the Early Access program for their free-to-play RTS for War Selection today. The game will launch as a free-to-play with an optional subscription to unlock subscriber-only matches, which feature additional technologies in each era. They will also be able to make private matches and participate in votes to determine features coming to the game. Players will start off in the Stone Age in each game, and choose a path to victory by advancing through eras and modifying your culture according to your playstyle.

For example, advancing through the Iron Age as Asia confers different bonuses than going through as a European empire. These options let players customize the way they play and choose the strategy that suits them. Single and multiplayer modes add variety to the gameplay, especially the Armageddon mode. A massive 62 players will be supported, with the smallest empires getting bombarded with meteors as time progresses in the Armageddon mode, forcing constant conflict as the pressure to expand continues to build.

“We can’t wait to see the community build up around War Selection. We hope to create a close-knit fanbase of players through our ability to host matches of such an incredible size. We’re very proud of our ability to have 62 players simultaneously fighting in an RTS and look forward to observing the tactics, strategies, and politics that come about in our game.”says Roman Budkeev, CEO of Glyph Worlds

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