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Alliance of Valiant Arms Steam Trailer

Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA Online) is a classic online FPS that features both PVE and PVP, deep weapon customization, a robust class system and several exciting game modes. Players join either the EU or the NRF, choose one of three classes, and then go to battle in one of 6 highly competitive and collaborative game modes. Win or lose, players are rewarded with experience and currency to upgrade their characters and spec out their loadouts for the field of battle.

Annihilation – Based on the death match rule, players on two opposing teams need to reach a score within a limited time.

Demolition – The NRF forces must survive and eliminate all EU forces or defuse the bomb. EU forces must successfully plant and detonate the bomb, or eliminate the enemy team to win a round.

Escort – The NRF forces must damage the tank that is being escorted by firing RPGs. The EU forces must escort the tank to the goal. When the tank is damaged, it must be repaired to move on.

AI Mission (PVE) – A group of players comes together to complete the mission by fighting AI-NRF soldiers and reaching objectives.

Domination – Two teams compete for domination over a target. The team with higher domination gauge or the one in control of the target when both sides have the same gauge will win.

Escape – EU troops head to a waiting boat or vehicle. NRF troops must stop the EU troops from reaching their escape vehicle.

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