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TEVI is a 2D pixel art action-adventure game that combines Metroidvania, bullet hell, and spectacle fighter elements. Explore a lush, vast world, uncover hidden secrets, upgrade and customize your abilities and gear to execute flashy combos, and battle formidable bosses with fast-paced, action-packed gameplay.

Welcome to Az, where our adventure begins.

This sprawling continent is full of myth and magic, and is home to three main races: magic-wielding humans, animal-eared beastkin, and bio-mechanical hybrids called magitech.

Az’s unique blend of magical and technological advancements has shaped its long and storied past, from ancient civilizations to modern societies.

However, conflicts between factions have scarred the land and its people. Despite this, the vast geography and diverse biomes of Az are teeming with life, both friendly and hostile.

Situated across the continent are five major cities: The palatial city of Ana Thema has long been the seat of human power, while the beastkin toil in the industrial hub of Morose.

Beyond them lies the frozen tundra of Snowveil, the towering spires of Valhalla in the sky, and the dark depths of Tartarus. Each place in Az has its own secrets, mysteries, and stories to tell.

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