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Talion Launches This Month, Pre-Registers Already Underway

The Aegis and Bident alliances do battle in Talion, which will launch by GAMEVIL at 9 am (PDT) on May 28th, 2019. Talion launches at this time in North America, Europe, and Australia, and is designed to feature 20 vs. 20 battles across an expansive world. Free to download, Talion aims at being one of the biggest MMOs in the mobile field and will be available on iOS and Google Play. Players are also encouraged to pre-register below to receive special rewards to give them a head-start on launch.

Over 200 years ago in the world of Talion, the Great Demon Aradune descended upon the world of Nar bringing destruction and chaos. To defend their homeland, the guardian dragon
race fought tirelessly only to eventually fall into a great slumber deep beneath the earth. Two factions formed – Aegis and Bident, who are now locked in a never-ending war for control of Nar.
Players must choose which side to join: Aegis is sworn to protect absolute freedom while the Bident forces pursue invincible power.

“Players will explore the vast, open fields of Talion across many different environments, fighting dangerous beasts and creatures along the way, bringing the MMO experience to mobile gamers
on an epic scale,” said Casey Lee, Vice President of GAMEVIL COM2US USA. “In addition to fully-customizable player avatars with 48 different components to personalize, we’ve created
explosive 20 versus 20 PvP fights and massive boss raid battles that deliver an authentic MMO experience that will make players forget they are playing on mobile.”

Talion features:

● Fully Customizable Characters – With detailed character editing, costumes and mounts, players can create their own unique character to represent themselves in the world
of Nar.
● Massive Battles and Raids – The Occupy mode features 20 versus 20 PvP battles where players capture points, fire catapults, and slay their enemies.
● Vast Open Worlds – Players will explore the stunning 3D open fields of Nar in their quest to defeat evil in every region and wage war against the opposing alliance.
● Powerful Boss Raids – Players can team up with their alliance to take down the massive raid bosses in truly chaotic fights.
● 1v1 Deathmatch Fights – Players itching to test their strength and earn bragging rights can challenge others for a duel to see who’s the strongest.

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