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New synopsis trailer for Arctic Combat

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Webzen has revealed a new teaser site ( and trailer for their upcoming FPS, Arctic Combat.

The new trailer features the initial dispute between the United States, NATO, and Russia caused by the reveal of resources estimated to be buried beneath the Arctic Ocean, with dashes of realism added from real military scenes and Wikileak cases. It also features some of the game’s tactical elements.

Webzen is currently celebrating its third anniversary celebration across its global portal for all its titles, including Mu Online and Archlord.

Arctic Combat: Unseen Danger


New ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’ Synopsis Trailer Reveals WWIII Break Out

WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, announced its new synopsis trailer on their teaser website for the modern military FPS game, ARCTIC COMBAT.

Today, WEBZEN revealed their newly updated ARCTIC COMBAT teaser site ( with the new synopsis trailer, ‘Unseen Danger’, along with the official ARCTIC COMBAT YouTube Channel (

ARCTIC COMBAT’s new synopsis trailer reveals the initial dispute between US, NATO, and Russia after the announcement of the estimated amount of buried resources beneath the Arctic Ocean. The trailer shows actual military line-up scenes and Wikileak cases that express conflicts and conspiracies adding realism to the trailer.

Also, actual in-game play scenes featuring tactical strategies can be seen in the trailer including helicopter fire support and artillery bombardment. Other distinctive tactical assets are flamethrowers, UAVs, and rocket launchers, which can be used to reverse the battle situation. WEBZEN plans to reveal more cinematic trailers continuing the conflicts between the ‘AF’, led by the US, and the ‘RSA’, led by Russia, that causes the break out of World War III.

ARCTIC COMBAT uses an optimized game engine that allows low-end users to play while keeping high realistic effects, including corpse damage for gore mode, making users more immersed into the modern warfare battleground. The high-tech modern weaponry and real life like maps adds to the excitement. WEBZEN has scheduled the test for ARCTIC COMBAT in the first half of this year.

Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “ARCTIC COMBAT has its distinctive features making it a skill-based FPS game without taking out the basic features that most FPS gamers can adjust to.” also he said, “During the test, in the first half of this year, users can participate to be the veteran and dominate the battleground.”

Meanwhile,’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration event is underway celebrating 3 years of its global portal with events for their various titles including ARCTIC COMBAT.

More information about WEBZEN’s new FPS game, ARCTIC COMBAT, and their released synopsis trailer can be found at their official website ( and Facebook page. (


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