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Nexon announces Spring events

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Nexon America has announced a line-up of spring-themed events for players of Atlantica Online, Dragon Nest, Mabinogi, Sudden Attack, and Vindictus, as detailed below.

Atlantica Online: Players will find Easter Eggs for completing League Matches, as well as free eggs for logging in. These eggs can be traded for boxes that contain festive and unique prizes, including mounts and clothing. This event runs through April 12.

Dragon Nest: Daily bonuses for friendship points, item drops, nest resets, PWR, and party EXP will be rotated through April 17. On April 8, a special egg hunt event will take place between 5pm and 9pm Pacific, granting players logged in at two random times during that span with a free Dragon Egg, which includes prizes including exclusive mounts.

Mabinogi: Players who watch over a Phoenix Egg for 19 real-time hours will be able to earn rewards from its hatchling; greater rewards await those who stay in for longer periods of time.  This event ends on April 18.

Sudden Attack: Players can find 30% bonus experience and 10% bonus points through April 8. New players who create a character through April 15 will get 100 Instant Respawns and 10 Rabbit Hammers. On April 12, the game will update with a new Free Fire Mode.

Vindictus: Easter Eggs can be found through April 11 from Fomor leaders and bosses, and then traded to the Easter Bunny for Bunny Ears and a Bunny Costume. These items are also available from the Supply Depot.

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Nexon America’s Spring Content Updates Provide a Hopping Good Time

Easter treats and sweet deals are in store for players looking for a little diversion this season

This spring, Nexon America is making it easier than ever for players to get the most enjoyment possible out of the games they love with a string of seasonal in-game events, new maps and freebies. Colorful surprises are springing up all over the company’s broad portfolio of free-to-play online games.

Now through April 12 in “Atlantica Online,” players will receive Easter eggs both for logging in and completing League Matches. Easter eggs can be traded for boxes that contain prizes like mounts, scrolls, and clothing bundles, among other festive items.

Spring has sprung in Altera, the world of “Dragon Nest,” which means daily bonuses will abound from now through April 17. Extra Friendship Points, item drop bonuses, additional nest resets, PWR boosts and EXP boosts when partying up with friends are all boons that players will receive on a rotating basis. Additionally, a “Dragon Nest” egg hunt will take place on Sunday, April 8. All players logged in at two randomly chosen intervals between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. PT will receive a Dragon Egg, the source of fabulous prizes like exclusive mounts.

In the fantasy world of “Mabinogi,” players will be challenged to keep a watchful eye on a Phoenix egg. After every 19 hours of real time, the player’s egg will hatch and offer the bearer fantastic rewards, with greater rewards in store for players who remain in game for longer periods of time. The Phoenix egg event concludes on April 18.

“Sudden Attack” has entered a season of slaughter this spring, and Nexon is running a bonus EXP event from now through April 8. All players will receive 30 percent more EXP and 10 percent more Points for every match they play. Additionally, from now through April 15, new players who create a character will receive 100 Instant Respawns and 10 Rabbit Hammers just for checking the game out for the first time. Starting on April 12, players will get to experience the all new Free Fire Mode, a frenzied combat mode where all players have to fend for themselves in a frenetic fight to the finish.

Through April 11, “Vindictus” players can collect Easter eggs in the game which can be redeemed for spring-themed rewards. Out of death comes life, so players will need to do some killing to get their hands on the precious eggs. The Fomor leaders and bosses inside each dungeon hold the Easter eggs, which can be traded to the Easter Bunny for Bunny Ears and a Bunny Costume. Bunny Ears and a Bunny Costume are also available directly from the Supply Depot.

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