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Summoners War: 100 Mystical Scrolls Giveaway Event

Summoners War is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a special giveaway event called “100 Summonings.”

The even lasts through May 24, and lets players collect “6-Year Coins” for various in-game activities. These coins can then be exchanged for rewards in the 6-Year Coin Shop, including up to 100 Mystical Scrolls. Players will also get to create their own runes.

Lastly, players will also get the chance to create their own runes, a crucial item for any PvP enthusiast. Up to two 6 Star Legend runes can be created, and players will be able to preview their creations before committing, allowing them to make the rune that perfectly suits their needs.

To learn more about the Summoners War 6th anniversary event, as well as the anniversary illustrations, please visit the official Facebook page.

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