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Sphere 3 Receives A Massive Update

Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator from Nikita Online has launched the biggest update to the game yet.  Even without the content, the game was completely reworked graphically, adding HDR-rendering, dynamic shadows and lighting, ambient occlusion and other post-processing filters and new graphical options. Originally, Sphere 3 wanted to be playable on any machine, so the graphics were simple. But the audience did not approve of this minimalistic approach and complained (loudly) about the graphics in Sphere 3. Two years later, Nikita Online found the right balance to offer graphics, but still be playable with most PCs.

This update also changes the game mechanics and assigns new effects to character stats. This change is meant to encourage users to use different builds and make Sphere 3 a more diverse and
interesting games. Fewer «best in slot» solutions and more conscious choice – the update stimulates players to choose their unique style while staying an effective combatant.  Players will no longer have to stack just agility/wisdom+stamina hoping to reach 100% critical strike/maximize their hit points. A new balance makes all stats equally viable, no longer having to just stack towards critical strike chance. Players can now directly increase the weapon damage modifier by boosting strength or intelligence. Increasing the amount of mana or necrotic energy will let you recover it faster! At the same time, the character's secondary stats like critical strike chance or ability damage now scale with the character's level. You can no longer reach 100% bonus by simply investing in corresponding parameters.

A new quality item mechanic was added, a new location in the Emerald Valley and tons of new content awaits in Sphere 3. The level cap has increased by 10 levels (up to 60) by completing new quests, performing new tasks, and participating in adventures. A new boss, Tlaloc the Devastator awaits, and the massive troll will not go down easily. All this and more await in the newest update for Sphere 3.

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