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SMITE Brings Jormungandr to Life in ‘The World Serpent’ Update

The World Serpent has arrived in SMITE! The latest update for SMITE, “The World Serpent” arrived this week, and with it came a new guardian. Towering three times the size of other gods, the harbinger of destruction can constrict the entire globe and is more than a threat to the other gods on the battleground. We have a god review of Jormungandr coming as well, so stay tuned. With the arrival of Jormungandr comes the next part of the “Legend of Camelot” event. King Arthur and Merlin are doing what they can to best the World Serpent, and with this event comes new cosmetics such as Dragon Prince Ne Zha and Infinite Seer Ah Puch.

Twitch Prime subscribers can take part in the tales of King Arthur with an all-new, free skin bundle. Players may link their Hi-Rez and Twitch Prime accounts to claim King Arthur and his
exclusive Deathbringer skin, absolutely free. The bundle also includes an avatar, loading screen, and more. An additional free bundle will become available for Twitch Prime subscribers each month, for the next three months.

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