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Realm Royale OB16 Update Overview

Realm Royale recently released the patch notes for Open Beta 16 – Shadowfall. In this update, there is the Shadowfall Bundle, which contains a variety of cosmetics such as the Warrior Skin: Lord of Darkness, the Knightmare Mount, and the Shadowbeak Chicken. This will also come with 850 Crowns.  OB16 also brings a visual rework to the Venom Pistol, as well as a new name: Shredder. In addition to some other cosmetics, there were some Quality-of-Life improvements, such as Cross Progression! That is now available on Steam, Discord, and Xbox One accounts in Realm Royale. This does require you to link your Hi-Rez account, which can be done in this link. This update also sees some balance changes to a few abilities and weapons – Flare, Ice Staff and Longbow all have some changes, as do Runes, Catapults and more. The full patch notes can be seen in the link below.

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