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Ship of Heroes 2017 Highlights Video

Ship of Heroes has released a Christmas video highlighting one of several planned future holiday events: gathering presents in Apotheosis City.  Holiday events are a hallmark of MMOs; players enjoy special events, and in SoH it seems they will be able to gather special items that they can keep and use during the year as consumable one-shot powers. Meltdown will be racing through Apotheosis City gathering presents, and as he opens each he gets a reward and in a short clip this is shown off. A great deal of progress has been made over this year and has published 18 videos through 2017 showing the steady construction and expansion of this MMO. One of the benefits of this is to be able to go back and look at their prior work and the team can see that they are progressing and see for themselves just how far they’ve come. The video also marks the first time that Ship of Heroes has asked for their larger community to make donations directly to the SoH website.  The video was sent to more than 5,000 newsletters and YouTube subscribers and contains a soft appeal to help the self-funded Indie developers at Ship of Heroes to reach a scheduled target for a Beta in twelve months (December of 2018).

Ship of Heroes conducted a successful Alpha test of their character creator in September and plans to do their first combat Alpha test at the end of December 2017, with a Beta launch at the end of 2018.
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