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Neverwinter: Ravenloft Arrives on Consoles Later in August

Barovia beckons, and console players can journey to the dangerous Mists of Ravenloft on August 28th.  The classic module/realm for Dungeons & Dragons comes to Neverwinter and introduces the Barovia Adventuring Zone, new boons, Monster Hunts, and a meaningful Day-to-Night cycle for the area. Barovia will also have an Endgame Dungeon/dungeon set in Castle Ravenloft, where the ultimate challenge awaits: doing battle with Strahd himself. This update also includes many quality of life improvements, such as Astral Diamond refinement changes, Refinement Point event bonuses, level scaling adjustments and more. Adventurers must traverse the darkest corners of Barovia and battle prowling beasts to free the cursed land from Strahd’s control.

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