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Ring of Elysium Releases Details for Upcoming ‘Ashen Eye’ Mode

Aurora Studio released details for their challenging new mode coming to Ring of Elysium, Ashen Eye. Teased at E3, this mode will arrive on June 23rd and will have a new winning condition, as new elements to endure for the playerbase if they want to survive. In addition to this, Chapter 2 of the Season 4 Adventurer Pass will also drop, which introduces the new Recon Drone. This new mode will steer players away from the shrinking arena mechanic, popular in Battle Royales. Instead, it focuses on survival, after the effects of a volcanic eruption fills the air with sulfur dioxide. Oxygen will be a precious resource, and players will have to maintain throughout the match.

The Ashen Eye safe zone will be a haven to breathe, but it will move as the match goes on. Each player starts with a limited amount of oxygen in a team of three, and can still choose a spawn location. Players can’t simply hide and use blood packs to survive since oxygen will constantly deplete while they’re away from the safe zone. Once inside the safe zone, the player with the highest amount of oxygen will trigger the countdown for the rescue helicopter, which will also reveal their location to all other players in the match. To secure victory, that player has to remain in the safe zone and maintain that oxygen level until the rescue helicopter comes to pick them up. Should they get eliminated or leaves the safe zone, the rescue countdown resets. If a team eliminates all of the competition and remains the only team left alive they will automatically win the match.

The release of chapter two introduces the Recon Drone which will spawn on random areas of the map or can also be found in airdrops. When deploying a Recon Drone players will be able to scout out areas of the map controlling the zone, however, they’ll have to do so carefully as they will not be able to move while controlling the drone. It’s capable of six-axis movement and is equipped with 3x zoom. The Recon Drone’s distance and battery life will limit its use, so put it to the best use possible.

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