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Legends of Aria to Host ‘Relics of the Ancients’ Scavenger Hunt

Legends of Aria Open Beta - Image

The first of many events begins tomorrow in Legends of Aria from Citadel Studios. This will last from February 15th until February 17th. To celebrate, the game will be on sale for 19.99 through the weekend. During this event, called ‘Relics of the Ancients’, players will be challenged to decipher clues concerning ever-changing hotspots throughout the game world. The hotspot action takes place in both the guarded zone and in the wilderness.

Enemies in these areas can drop their normal loot, as well as some extra goodies.  It is worth noting that Wilderness critters have the best loot to offer. Players will collect Relic Fragments that can be traded for super secret exclusive items. The brand new Friends List feature will also roll out this weekend which will allow players to stay in contact with people they meet in Legends of Aria.

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