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Paladins Seris Ability Breakdown

Paladins offers an ability breakdown for Seris, Oracle of the Abyss.

  • [LMB] Soul Orb: Fire a stream of magic projectiles from your hand that deal 210 damage every 0.3s. Your projectiles pass through enemies and apply a Soul Orb stack with every hit. Stacks up to 4 times.
  • [RMB] Restore Soul: Restore the soul of an ally. Healing them for 1000 health every second for 2 seconds.
  • [Q] Rend Soul: Detonate all of your active Soul Charges. Deal 100 damage to the afflicted enemy for every charge detonated. Every charge detonated also heals you for 15% of your maximum life.
  • [F] Shadow Travel: Step into another plane of reality for 5 seconds. While this ability is active you are in stealth and immune to all harmful effects.
  • [E] Convergence: Cast your soul core into the battlefield. After a delay, a tear in reality will manifest and drag in nearby enemies.
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