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Old School Runescape iOS and Android Release Date Revealed

Originally teased and shown off at RuneFest 2017, the Jagex team has worked closely with their community to ensure it delivers the timeless Runescape experience. They also revealed today that on October 30th, , Old School Runescape will be live on mobile stores for members and non-members to play and enjoy. The MMORPG will be cross-platform experience on mobile and PC. Whether on the bus, on the beach or at the library, players can enjoy Runescape anywhere they please! This coincides with their announcement that the 139th quest for Old School Runescape, “Making Friends with My Arm” has gone live. Players will assist the maligned troll ‘My Arm’ as he tries to establish relations with the troll town, Weiss. Mobile players will be able to help My Arm out, as well as experience the many thousands of hours of available adventures,mini-gamess, and skilling activities Old School RuneScape has to offer, in just a matter of weeks.

John Colgrave  (Producer, Old School Runescape Mobile) said:

“The next few weeks are going to be incredibly exciting for myself, the Old School RuneScape mobile team, and for Jagex as a whole, as we count down towards the 30th October launch date. It’s been an incredible journey for us; we’ve worked tirelessly to bring the full Old School RuneScape adventure to mobile platforms, as well as enable a seamless cross-platform experience for our current, returning, and new players! Today’s invitation to Pre-Order and Pre-Register the game on the App Store and Google Play is a hugely significant one, and we can’t wait to throw open the doors next month.”
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