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Battlerite’s ‘Tales of Horror’ Creep In Today

Battlerite - Tales of Horror News

As Friday the 13th draws closer, the creepy things will crawl out of hiding in Battlerite for the ‘Tales of Horror’ event. From now until April 25th, players can purchase Creepy or Spooky chests in various bundles for in-game currency. Through these, players can obtain Epic or LEgendary weapons, Creepy items, outfits, and poses. Two quests, each lasting a week, will run during the event and players can earn one Creepy chest per quest, upon winning 35 Casual, League, or Duel rounds. Stunlock Studios has yet one more surprise up its sleeve bringing the Battlerite: Champion of Enza Bundle to Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime members will be able to get their hands on the bundle, featuring a free Champion, Raigon, along with a special outfit, pose, mount and more, from April 17th through to June 11th.

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