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New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Releases New Story Trailer

Koei Tecmo and BBGames released a new trailer today to show off the story for the upcoming New Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The mobile strategy game’s trailer shows the story and setting players can expect in-game, and is arriving on iOS and Android this November. New Romance of the Three Kingdoms follows the classic story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale, deeply rooted in China’s history beginning with the starting with the Yellow Turban Rebellion that erupted in 184 AD. Determined to change their lives for the better, the followers of Zhang Bao revolted, sending a ripple effect throughout the country. The rebellion spurned the action of the noted warlords of the time to band together to defeat the rebellion. This Yellow Turban Rebellion was only the beginning of the strife that covered the land, and the warring lasted over thirty years. Players will see all of the famous historical figures of the era, from Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Guan Yu, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan, as the kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu vie for dominance.

Players can pre-register for the upcoming mobile game by heading to the pre-registration site and submitting their information. Once submitted players will receive a gift code for their pre-registration, which can be used once the game has launched on iOS and Android.

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