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Neverwinter Reveals Their Largest Expansion Ever – Undermountain

A watering hole in Waterdeep, known as the “Yawning Portal” will act as a hub for the largest Neverwinter expansion yet – Undermountain. Players looking to delve into the halls shaped by Halaster Blackcloak himself, they will team up with Durnan, Celeste, and other uneasy allies to uncover the machinations at work below Mount Waterdeep. Undermountain will introduce five new adventuring zones, spanning the levels of Undermountain. This expansion will also offer adventurers the opportunity to grow like never before – such as a level cap increase to 80!

This update introduces improved level-scaling for earlier zones, class ability and balance overhauls, new rewards from encounters around the game, and the first taste of new endgame content. This includes the new Lair of the Mad Mage dungeon. Undermountain also features a new Expeditions System, where players can explore the ever-changing caverns of Undermountain, and can even encounter the Mad Mage himself.

In March 2019, intrepid adventurers looking to explore Neverwinter’s biggest expansion early can begin doing so on our Preview server, Mimic. Players looking to access content ahead of PC updates can visitNeverwinter’s PTS guide to copy an existing character over to Mimic (or create a new character in-game) and begin playing all-new content ahead of release.  Along with early access, players can also provide feedback about their experience on the PTS forums.

Additionally, Neverwinter players on both PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can look forward to new bundles coming to Twitch Prime. The next bundle – Mottled Rage Drake Bundle – begins February 19, available until March 18; the final bundle will be available March 19. February’s bundle includes the Mottled Rage Drake Mount, 30 days in-game VIP, 3x Epic Insignia Choice Pack and Rank 13 Enchantment Choice Pack.

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