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Perfect World Entertainment & Cryptic announced today the next module for Neverwinter: Ravenloft.

Ravenloft will arrive on PC on June 26 (consoles at a later date), and ventures from the comfortable domains of Neverwinter to the unique gothic horror of the Ravenloft setting.

The update will feature an all-new Campaign, a new Adventure Zone (Barovia), Tarokka Card Readings by Madame Eva, Heroic Encounters, Castle Ravenloft, and more.

Unwanted guests appear in the Forgotten Realms leading adventurers to Madame Eva for a Tarokka Card reading that is unlike any other. The mists of Barovia pull adventurers to the Domains of Dread and into the land of the mighty vampire – Strahd von Zarovich. In the darkest corners of this foreign land, adventurers will find new stories from Quests and Instances; all-new Repeatable Adventures with newly designed Monster Hunts and Heroic Encounters, where the creatures of the mist must be destroyed; and expanded endgame progression with a new Campaign culminating in a journey into Castle Ravenloft itself. Heroes of Neverwinter must work together to free this cursed land from Strahd’s control.

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