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Million Lords Launches on Mobile Devices Today

Million Victories are proud to reveal that their mobile strategy game, Million Lords is now on iOS and Android. Over 100,000 players have already begun playing, and now players around the world can join in, create a clan and device fantastic tactical campaigns. What makes¬†Million Lords stand out is the focus on effective warfare instead of hoarding resources and base-building, which is common in the 4X mobile strategy games. Every enemy on the map is another Million Lords player, trying to carve out their piece of the map, and it’s conquer or be conquered.

“From the inception of our game, we have worked with our reactive community to select and test the best features and balance the game before this official launch. We can’t wait to share the outcome of this work with a lot of new players!”¬†says Benoit Ducrest, Million Victories CEO.

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