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Martial Heroes Gameplay – First Look HD

To Learn More About the Game, Check out our Martial Heroes Page.

Martial Heroes is a 3D oriented fantasy MMORPG published by Gamers Oxygen. The game is set in ancient China and plays start off by selecting one of the game’s four playable classes – Assassin, Warrior, Mage and Monk. Gameplay is fluid, but the poor graphics and unintuitive interface really hurt the game’s enjoyment. The game’s interface actually reminded me of Sho Online and Mu Online. The experience rate is extremely high, but to make up for it the game’s level cap is set to 160+. In the video above, I created a warrior and killed a bunch of random enemies outside of town. To learn more about Martial Heroes check out the official MMOHuts Martial Heroes page, which includes a detailed review, tons of screenshots, and additional videos.

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