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World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

World of Tanks Blitz is proud to celebrate a pair of milestones this month – 120 million downloads, and its 5th anniversary. June 26th is the date for the official 5-year anniversary, and players will start receiving some awesome in-game bonuses beginning today (June 19th). Originally released on iOS, World of Tanks Blitz moved to Android, MacOS, Steam and Windows 10, and with this has reached more than 120 million downloads worldwide, with a daily active audience of 1.5 million. Tankers will be able to do battle for 75 types of gift boxes, each with various rewards, from boosters to Premium vehicles.

Three of these vehicles are also totally new. They are the high-tech (atomic) variants of three iconic tanks—the T-34, the Sherman Firefly, and the ELC bis. In addition, anyone who logs in during this week will be rewarded with a special gift box, that contains 5 days of Premium, the German Pz. III A and a collection of rare boosters. On the actual date of the anniversary (June 26th), there will also be x5 experience for a players first win with each tank.

“World of Tanks Blitz is a long-running success due to how it’s pushed the boundaries of mobile gaming,” says Andrey Ryabovol, World of Tanks Blitz Product Director. “To win, you need to rely on more than just sheer power or who’s got the ‘best tank’; it’s about thinking and outsmarting your enemies, and our players love that. Without our loyal audience, we wouldn’t be here five years on, so we try and do as much as we can—after all, it’s their game as much as it is ours. A great example, a player from Turkey wanted to propose in-game to his girlfriend he met through Blitz. Our dev team heard about it and organized everything with him!”

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