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MapleStory Fest 2019 Announced for May

Nexon announced that MapleStory Fest is back for the second year in a row, this May 11th, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. The celebration brings fans and developers of MapleStory and MapleStory 2 together with announcements, Q&A sessions, and other exciting events. These tickets will be available for 20 dollars in the link below, starting on March 25th, 2019. Popular MapleStory streamers will be in attendance as well as fans of the games, to celebrate MapleStory’s 14th anniversary, as well as a MapleStory-themed concert. There will also be a community brick-building activity, sponsored by SOHO Bricks.  MapleStory Fest will have merchandise, such as exclusive MapleStory Fest items, and can win limited edition prizes. All attendees will also receive one-of-a-kind free gifts featuring prominent characters of the franchise.

Fan-art creators can submit their art to be featured at the event through the MapleStory Fest website starting today. Sign-ups for a cosplay contest will also open on March 25th. Last year, over 500-plus attendees came together for the first ever fan event where developers announced Closed Beta sign-ups for MapleStory 2, the latest addition to the MapleStory franchise. Memorable announcements also included MapleStory’s 2018 summer content and MapleStory M’s release date.

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