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MapleStory 2’s Global Launch Is Today

The all-new MMORPG set in the MapleStory universe officially launches today on the Nexon Launcher as well as Steam. With a new progression and growth system, world-building tools and the ability to customize virtually everything, MapleStory 2 is making a big splash on the MMO scene. The release of the game also has a new class, the Runeblade to join Archer, Assassin, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Thief and Wizard. The Runeblade is a magical swordsman that infuses their blade with the elements for great power and use a special two-handed weapon. From October 10th through the 21st, players can receive a Mint Body Pillow by going to the MapleStory 2 Twitter or Facebook and tweeting the official Launch Gameplay video (forty winners will be selected).

Also, from October 18 through November 8, MapleStory 2 will host various Halloween events, themed dungeons, and fun quests. Players who defeat the Halloween Messenger can collect Pumpkin Coins and exchange for special Halloween themed items. Lv. 10+ characters can also obtain a “Pumpky Nest” item in their house by completing quests for furnishing items. Players can claim rewards including the Bouncy Pumpky Mount, Little Pumpky Pet, and Perched Pumpky. With the official launch come a few gameplay-improving changes, such as:

  • Level cap increase from 50 to 60
  • The gorgeous Karkar Island
  • Lv 51 – 60 fields in Maple World/ Land of Darkness
  • 8 Normal Adventure Dungeons
  • 4 Hard Adventure Dungeons
  • 2 Sets of Epic Gear
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