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Logres: JRPG: Blade Master and Spirit Sword Aldevelde Release

Today we have two features for Logres: JPRG, with the release of the Blade Master, and Spirit Sword Aldevelde. The Blade Master is a new Tier 4 class that wields the Demon Blade, Bow, Magic Bow, Dual Blade and Spirit Sword. Aldevelde is the third Spirit Sword released and has the following abilities and skills:

1. [Regular Skill] Gordian Knot・Torrent (Water) – Boosts Allies’ Agility by 500, Adds +2 on Own Dual Blade’s Special Attack Skill Effect, and has a Max Skill Count of 10 with Fixed DMG Limit of 500,000 totaling to 5M.
2. [Special Skill] Blizzard of a Thousand Blooms (Water) – Max Skill Count of 100 with Fixed DMG Limit of 1,999,999. It also adds +50 on own Dual Blade Special Skill Effect, Increases Own MATK, Agility, Critical by 9999!!

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