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Sentinel Heroes:Launches New Server w/ Major Update

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Sentinel Heroes

Sentinel Heroes’ growth has been impressive already, and it’s continuing to flourish. Sentinel Heroes Studios announces the release of a new server with a major update today, which brings some new features and events.

What’s new in the update?

  1. Added Daily Sign-in Bonus. Players are welcome to sign in daily to receive rewards. The more days they sign-in in a row, the greater the rewards.
  2. Added Cumulative Purchase Rewards. When players’ cumulative purchase of diamonds reaches certain amount, they’ll get generous rewards.
  3. Added the Gem Exchange function. Players now can exchange their unwanted gems for their dream gems of the same quality.
  4. Added a new daily quest. Players can collect certain materials to get lots of gold.

Some modifications in this update:

  1. Boosted initial attributes of some heroes, such as increases Blue heroes’ initial attributes to make them stronger
  2. Added the drop of Common and Rare Rune Chests in Boss Levels of Dungeons
  3. Adjusted hero recruiting process to make it more effective. The success ratio will increase at least 5% every time the player chooses to continue recruiting.
  4. Doubled attributes of gems

To celebrate the launch of the new server, Sentinel Heroes Studios prepared some giftpacks:

  1. Starter Giftpack (Mysterious)
  2. Lost Hills Giftpack (Worth 200 dollars)

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