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Latest Warface Update brings Players to Chernobyl has announced today that one of the most anticipated updates to Warface is here: Chernobyl. It has launched on PC and includes a unique narrative-driven Special Operation. In this op, players choose their favorite military class and join forces with their friends to take down the AI-controlled enemy forces. This Special Op. is known as Pripyat and takes players to the iconic Chernobyl exclusion zone, which was devastated by a nuclear disaster. Strange bunkers and a massive tower have been constructed by the enemy faction, Blackwood. In addition, they’re trying to create super soldiers and it’s rumored that they conduct dangerous human experimentation in the exclusion zone. New enemies and surprises await the bold.

“I’m convinced the new special operation for Warface will be appreciated by anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the mysterious atmosphere of the abandoned city of Pripyat. We tried to carefully recreate every detail of the real city. Abandoned schools, amusement parks, the hotel Polissya, the Azure pool – in these and other iconic places players will have to compete with opponents to successfully complete one of the toughest missions we ever created. In this mission, the intelligent behavior of the new enemies will ask the best from each team, and players need to achieve their full potential to succeed,” says Crytek’s Creative Director Mikhail Khaimzon.

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