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Winning Putt Summer Festival Begins

Bandai Namco has announced that summer has arrived in Winning Putt‘s open beta, with the start of the Winning Putt Summer Festival.

Today’s updates include:

  •  New Summer Festival Event and Decorations – To get into the swing of the season, new summer-themed decorations can be found adorning The Square and surrounding areas.
  •  Summer-Themed Missions –  Choose between two daily mission chains: a “hot” or “cool” mission. By completing the chain, players will earn a uniquely themed item and gold. Missions are refreshed daily, so players can try their hands at both!
  •  Day and Night Cycles –  The Square features a time of day effect, and players socializing in The Square can experience a full day after a six hour period.
  • Guild Ranking Points – Players who are part of a guild can earn Guild Ranking Points when they win a ranked round. Players participating in a ranked round earn their guild points if they win the round.
  • Guild Level Cap Increase – The guild level cap has been increased from 10 to 20 and guilds can now have 40 total members.

Along with the new features now available,  Winning Putt’s out-of-this-world course, Starglen, will host its first ever tournament next month as part of Pre-Season 4 of the Volero Tour. The Volero Championship will be open to the 30% of players with the most ranking points from August 1st – 4th. Players can also now access a new Space-suit themed outfit, perfect for hitting the green on Starglen!

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