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Jam City Celebrates National Cookie Day With First Annual ‘Season of Cookies’ Event

Jam City is celebrating National Cookie Day with their first annual “Season of Cookies” event, on their title Cookie Jam Blast. During this event, players’ cookie recipes will be featured in game, alongside game pieces based on these delicious treats.  This will create a digital recipe exchange among millions of players that all share a love of baking (or at least eating) the ultimate treat: Cookies. Each Thursday in December, an in-game recreation of a Cookie Jam Blast player’s favorite cookie will be reimagined as a game piece and incorporated into the gameplay. Players will be invited to access the cookie’s recipe, as well as learn about its baker and backstory, by visiting the Cookie Jam Blast Facebook page.

“National Cookie Day is an annual celebration of the joy that cookies bring to people all over the world and it’s a treat to be able to share the magic of this event in our game,” said Shane Nakamura, Vice President of Creative Development at Jam City. “For this year’s National Cookie Day, we are thrilled to announce our first annual “Season of Cookies” event — for the entire month of December — featuring the favorite cookie recipes of five of our Cookie Jam Blast players as game pieces in the game. Showcasing player recipes during the holiday season is a heartfelt reminder of the family traditions, comfort and love that comes from cookies and sharing cookie recipes. Happy Holidays from the Cookie Jam Blast team!”

Starting with a delectable Peanut Butter cookie from the home of Cindy Dutton in upstate New York, each of these cookies has a special significance as a holiday go-to or treasured family recipe. If you love cookies as much as we do, visit here this store where Chocolate Shipped Cookies can send cookies as a gift.

“I have a go-to recipe for every bake sale, cookie swap and holiday event, that’s been in family for generations,” said Cindy Dutton, Cookie Jam Blast player. “I’m so excited to share my family’s favorite cookie featured in my go-to game, for all my fellow players to enjoy!”

  • 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten in the US each year; half of those are homemade.
  • The average American will eat 35,000 cookies in their lifetime.
  • Chocolate chips were invented for use in the chocolate chip cookie.
  • Queen Elizabeth I is credited with the creation of the first gingerbread man.
  • The world’s largest chocolate chip cookie weighed about as much as eight elephants.
  • The U.S. leads the world as the biggest cookie bakers and eaters, spending more than $550 million annually on Oreos alone.
  • The chocolate chip cookie was created by accident by Ruth Wakefield. Ruth thought the chopped bits of chocolate would spread throughout the cookie when baked, but they held their form.
  • Introduced in 1902, the animal cracker was the first commercial cookie in the U.S.
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